When I was in 7th grade, my dad took a nice photo of me sitting at my piano. He made black and white Valentine’s Day photo postcards in his own studio for me to give to my school friends. Instead of  “Happy Valentine’s Day,” the cards read “Happy Day of Love and Friendship.” This month as I contemplate Valentine’s Day I realize that my Plant Spirit Medicine healing work  is all about love and friendship. Actually, all of Life is about that. All about relationship. But particularly when dealing with and working with the sacred natural world, friendship, love, respect — what my teacher Eliot Cowan calls “right relationship” — is hugely important.

What does right relationship mean to a healer?


As a healer I need to be in right relationship with all of nature, with myself and others and with the plant spirits whose medicine I call on for the benefit of my clients.  It all starts with right relationship. Some time ago I sought to connect with a plant for its medicine and it told me “You are in a rush. Please don’t ever be in a rush when you come talk with us!” I was definitely humbled. And it was definitely true. Love, respect and gratitude are the initial elements of building right relationship. When we have “outs” or disagreements at whatever level with ourselves, our teachers, our clients, our partners … those disconnects  can impede the quality, depth and purity of our relating.  Right relationship means that I am honoring my agreements, acting with integrity and being authentic. It means I value and cultivate all my relationships. If something is “off,” I must immediately pay attention,  be aware, listen and make amends.

Keeping the healing channels open


Right relationship is especially important in Plant Spirit Medicine healing because it keeps the pipeline open, flowing and vital. It keeps my connection with the natural world as strong and full as it can be. It tells the Universe I am honoring my agreements, living a life of integrity. From this foundation, when I reach out to Divine and to the plant spirits and ask for their help and their healing, all manner of wonders can occur.


The best approach to receiving spiritual healing


When clients ask me for help, we at first engage in a conversation not unlike prayer. I find that when clients are sharing their dreams, their challenges and their hopes with me … the plants, the entire universe and certainly that client’s higher self are all listening. This open-hearted authentic asking is a wonderful stance form which to receive healing. Right relationship sets up a strong foundation for our healing, for our life, and for our being able to receive our highest best good. So to me, February 14th is not only the day of love and friendship, as my 7th grade greeting card stated …  but also a day to remember  “right relationship” with myself,  others and the entire natural world.