Shortly after I opened my Plant Spirit Medicine practice I realized that I was seeing my clients in a very unique way. They were dazzling to me. Radiant — in their spirit, in their endeavors, in their awesome humanity. Slowly but surely I began to realize that this must be how the plant spirits in fact “see” us.

Doing the Best We Can

Basically, I think the plant spirits “know” we are all doing the very best we can. They see us with immense compassion and generosity. They see us in our radiance and in our true potential and they work to help us heal, shed, peel the layers and get to that state in which our hearts are full, we can tap into our inner joy and be compassionate and generous towards ourselves and others. It is that highest best expression that the plant spirits see and sense in us. And it is precisely THAT which they touch and activate in us with their healing.

Healing, Wellness and Compassion

This knowing helps me in turn as a healer to remind my PSM clients to be compassionate towards themselves.  I must often remind my clients how far they have come and how well they are doing. Sometimes the human condition (and human conditioning) make us strive and strive and want to do more and more, faster, yesterday … without celebrating, acknowledging and recognizing how much we have changed for the better, how much we have grown. When we celebrate and recognize how we are changing, we are in a sense giving thanks. As our hearts open while we are feeling gratitude … the healing work of the plant spirits really can take root even more profoundly in our Being.

We are all doing the very best we can

With our dreams

With our reality

With our heartaches

With our deepest hopes

With our parents

With our children

With our desires to change the world

To BE THE CHANGE we want to see


We are all doing the best we can

In spite of our boisterousness

In spite of our hiss

In spite of our bark

We want to build

We want to excel

We want to open hearts

We want to belong

We want it — All — 

To really, truly, matter.

~~ Adrilia