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Author: Adrilia

ode to being female

I love being female. Okay, so a few times in my life when witnessing how linear, direct and seemingly easy things (and promotions) were for men, I may have said I wished to be a guy … for a day! But as I have matured I am actually in awe of the great gift and blessing that it is to be female.

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want to improve your health and wellbeing? Dream big!

When we dream big, we are exercising our ability to wish, to connect with the longings in our heart. But we are also doing something else that is very powerful and beautiful: we are listening to the messages from the universe letting us know that we have the ability to make that dream a reality.

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9 ways to care for our spiritual heart

To me, this is a day of love and friendship. It isn’t just for that special someone in our lives, but rather a celebration of the heart, of love, of that heart which is bigger than our physical heart, the heart that animates and blesses and steers the entire world.

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