Realizations as a Plant Spirit Medicine healer

When we work as Plant Spirit Medicine healers, and we begin to listen deeply to the wisdom of Nature in order to help others heal, we can over time begin to receive gifts and blessings in the form of realizations. For example, we may start to realize that people are bright, beautiful systems. We also realize that our places of birth have much to do with our essence, our physical and emotional makeup. The land of our birth holds important clues to our wellbeing, to how we can return to balance; what suits us and helps us … and what does not.  That land also holds ancestral blessings, ancestral stories and a certain profound blueprint for our spiritual growth.

Our place of birth matters deeply to our spiritual health

Most of us nowadays are nomads. We set out to find opportunity, we leave our homes and settle in other climates, among other peoples, we work, we earn a living, and we make do and even do very well for ourselves in terms of material success. Often, members of our family scatter like dandelion seeds in search of their own opportunity and soon there may be no “home” to return to. This is a great loss. The home land of our birth waits for us. It waits to whisper in our ears. It waits to remind us who we are and what we are here to do. It waits, wind ready to caress our cheeks in welcome. It waits, hoping for an embrace, for a rekindling, for a re-connection.

How we forget who we are

When we are away from our land of birth, it can be easy to get lost. It can be easy to buy into other people’s dream of what our life should be. It can be easy to forget. If we have family members near us, we are lucky. They can help us to remember where we came from; who we are; how things were. They can help us keep our stories alive. But if we are alone, carving out a life, it takes a miracle to help us remember. I believe in miracles, so I had that much going for me.

A miracle of grace and healing

Then, late one evening, 2 plus years ago, while I stayed awake along Lake Michigan, waiting for news of a birth, my life took a most interesting turn. The news came, through the phone, hearing a baby’s first cry. And in hearing him cry, within and beyond the cry I heard “I made it,” from this baby’s heart. “It was exhausting but I made it. I am here.”

Fast forward 2 years and a few months. In that time I have learned about returning. I am closer than ever to the land of my birth. That baby, like a magnet, is pulling our family together … closer and closer to the land of our birth. I would have said, 3 years ago, that such a thing would not be possible. But I believe in miracles. And so it has been!

Now, living in Northeastern Florida, looking to establish a Plant Spirit Medicine healing practice here, I have great hope. I step outside and go for a walk and I notice a plant I had not seen in years, since I was a child, and I say, “But wait — I know you!” And the plant says, “Ah. Yes!” As I rediscover old and new plant spirit friends, I know they do in fact know me. And I remember. They are the plants of my birth place, they hold a cipher to my purpose, to my story, to the blessing of my ancestors. And I know they will help me practice Plant Spirit Medicine healing here. They will help us to thrive here. And I know that being closer to my family in this warmth, this tropical air, this climate, this proximity to ocean … has always been part of the plan. Not the plan of my ego, mind you. But rather the plan of my purposeful Heart.