Happy New Year

What a great year this has been. I am so grateful to all of you, my readers, for your support, comments and enthusiasm. Such a pleasure to share my thoughts on training, on wellness and on life with you and to know you are out there and we are communicating.
Last new year’s day, my husband and I made a special effort to set aside time to envision our year ahead. We went away not too far from home, had a nice dinner (duck & sparkling wine are my faves  at New Year’s – many great memories). Then  we spent  the first day of 2009 planning, envisioning and goal-setting. As a result, we’ve had one of the most positive and productive years of our lives.
Thinking about it made me want to share these tips to help you make 2010 one of YOUR most wonderful years ever.
1.  First  things first!
Pare down, clean, shine, donate, de-clutter. In other words, out with the old and in with the new!  Make room so that what you are envisioning or dreamig can actually show up in your life. This also includes releasing fear, excuses, negativity and old habitual patterns that may be zapping your energy — you know what they are.
2.  Develop a gratitude list.
List not only your successes and blessings of this year, but also include your own good qualities and things and people  you are grateful for.  Having an attitude of gratitude actually changes your set point, making your overall vibration more positive, open, receptive.
3.  Light a candle.  Sit a while. Feel the pulse of your body. Breathe.
4.  Identify 3 things you want to have or accomplish this year.
See them as real, as already in place, visualize (in detail) yourself enjoying them. You may, for instance decide to:  get training to improve your public speaking, take better care of your health, or improve your service to your customers.
5.  Develop a plan for putting your work/ your energy in motion to help you bring those things or situations into being.
What actions can you begin to take towards each of those objectives?  Write what comes to mind. You can refine it later. For instance, you may want to: Google search public speaking coaches, look into MeetUp groups on public speaking, or update your LinkedIn status saying this is one of your goals. Take the first step!
6.  Identify what might be in the way.
What are your perceived barriers? Is it education, is it experience, is it money? Is it time, as in not enough?  Go through your list and honestly decide whether each perceived barrier is a true limitation or an excuse.  Sometimes we think we see obstacles when we are just choosing to be stubborn, or lazy or afraid.  Remember: “Once you look it in the eye, it has no power over you.”  So look at your perceived limitations.  If they are true, find a way to address them.  But here’s the trick:  address them while keeping your eyes on the prize — your goal , your dream, your vision. Many people get lost in trying to overcome a limitation and never go back to build the dream. So keep your eye on the prize. If your dream or objective for this year is to take better care of your health, and you set about walking an hour each day, remember that the big picture is about your overall health – not just walking, not just losing weight.  This is important because the overall goal is what helps you keep the enthusiasm going (& get up in the morning when the going gets tough).
7.  Make a drawing of your year. Don’t write, draw.
Let loose. Use colors, imagination, don’t think too much. There’s no limit to the number of drawings. Stop only when you are satisfied. Until then, keep drawing. It is dazzling to see what comes up when we allow ourselves to paint, play, doodle while we intention or dream. Our creative mind becomes our ally and fully engaged in our manifesting process.
8.  Post your drawing along with your affirmation.
Example: “2010: The best year of my life. I now have a fulfilling career, I am at my best physically and emotionally. I feel grateful and am now able to give back. I look at my successes with gratitude and pride.”
9.  Trust that this vision for your year has come to you because IT wants to happen.
It wants to manifest for you as much as you want it to. It is a magnetic, energetic thing. Trust your process, keep your eye on the prize, and above all, keep doing your work. One step at a time. One thing at a time. One change at a time. In the course of just one year so much can be transformed! 
A new year is a glorious opportunity.  This reminds me of one of my favorite musicals, Sunday in the Park with George – “White. A blank piece of canvas. The challenge:  Bring order to the whole ….”

Have you ever tried something similar to this process? What was the result?


Here’s wishing you a truly dazzling new year!