Artists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, business owners, writers get their inspiration in all sorts of ways: in the shower, meditating, running, walking the dog, swimming, reading, from teachers, mentors, movies. I’m sure I’ve missed some; feel free to remind me. 

More and more I’m finding inspiration in Nature.

Months ago, a robin made a nest on the eaves outside our home. When the birds left, the nest came down. It was an exercise in precision, perfection and deep care. Solid, safe, beautiful! This week a coyote has been around. The other day a hawk resting on a fence gifted me with its surprised stare while I walked.

We hear that Nature has much to teach us but we don’t always realize how much. As we face our challenges and rethink who we are and what we do, deal with customers and manage our people, Nature is filled with suggestions and reminders:

  • The lessons of the hawk may have to do with gaining perspective: seeing the bigger picture; getting above it. When things get murky, difficult or tough in our companies or in our lives, a hawk can teach us to keep clear sight of where we want to go (our business and life strategy) in the long run.
  • A robin can remind us to celebrate joy even in the midst of winter; to sing our song and share our contributions in the workplace with zest. To not hold back. To set strong foundations to our policies and in our relationships with our customers. To nurture our employees so that they in turn can build stronger relationships with customers.
  • A coyote’s agility and grace can remind us about being flexible in times of change; not being oblivious to challenges, but really seeking opportunity within them. To be who we are above all. If we don’t know, to spend some time finding out!

Where do you find your inspiration these days?


It is an important question because often the “noise” in our lives threatens to derail our long-term strategy … where we truly see ourselves going … what we are truly working for.  Inspiration is essential.