So true: It doesn’t happen right away. Have you ever looked back at your life and noticed that so many of the wishes and dreams you once had have come true? They didn’t come true when you were really actively wanting, did they? No. Wishes, visions and success are born, develop, mature, change us and then one day — when we are barely noticing — they manifest. We take in the new development into our life and barely notice that another wish/dream has come true. Why? We have become ready.

As we get close to a new year, it’s customary to assess what we’ve accomplished and to look forward with anticipation and new goals. A beautiful teacher in my life would say that real growth was about “depth over time”.  And crafting a life of service, truth and purposeful success is exactly about that. Discovering our purpose in life, that unique set of skills that truly serve and truly nourish us and others … takes time. Getting clear about what we think we want and need, and asking … takes time. Maturing, changing ourselves, our habits and our environment to be in alignment with that we have asked for and with what we can become … it takes time. Why shouldn’t it? Building purposeful lives and work is one of the highest accomplishments … our highest quest.

Whether this time of year finds you wanting to make your employees more committed, your business more profitable, your relationships more rewarding, your customer service more “wow”, or  your ideas more marketable … isn’t it all about happiness, fulfillment, success? It is true that we can build it but it happens step by step. Over time … not overnight.

Here’s a secret you may not want to hear: In the process of building it, we must be willing to change. Think about it, if the success we wish for could come to us in our present state, it would already be here! So we will need to change ourselves, our habits, our environment.

This is a powerful time of year.


  • In corporations and in homes this is a perfect time to de-clutter, clean and get rid of extra stuff … to make space for that which we are hoping to attract into our lives in the course of the new year (a cup filled to the brim cannot receive).
  • It is a powerful time to envision who are the best people to surround ourselves with in order to have the support, the mentoring, the opportunites we seek.
  • It is a great time to think about expansion, what ifs, to think big, and to line up the training, the inspiration to help us soar and build another surprising, uplifting year.
  • It is a great time to assess, celebrate, draft new plans and dare to envision clearly.

I’m wishing you an amazing, rewarding, daring new year! Make it so and all those around you benefit.

How do you go about planning and visualizing your new year?


Do you draw, write, pray, hold strategy sessions, light a candle, play music, journal, gather around the fire? Does it help?

Please share your thoughts.