Job losses, demotions and the economy are forcing people to earn money doing things they aren’t passionate about, not in their skill set, not even in their field. Is it possible to succeed when you find yourself doing work you dislike?


A reader writes,


Dear Adrilia, 

It is always good to be reminded of the things we love to do most so that we don’t forget that that activity is always there for us and … that there is a way to incorporate it into our daily lives…Then of course it does beg the question…How to bring enthusiasm and appreciation to all our activities regardless of circumstance…for indeed there are times we seem to have to bite the bullet and undertake less desirable assignments…or is this simply a question of inability to manifest? Or inability to change? I would love some feedback there.


Yes, often we have to do things we don’t love to do in order to earn a living, meet an agreement or help a loved one. Here’s the thing:  It is ALL part of our growth and of living our purpose.


In my training work, I constantly find people doing work that isn’t necessarily aligned with what they love to do. Part of my role is to help them see where this work they’re now doing fits into their life and work journey. Once they understand this, they develop an aligned and more joyful relationship to their work. This transforms the way they relate to themselves and to their clients. They become more driven, successful, invaluable to their employer. For example, when I train customer service staff, I help them see that the sky is the limit. And it is absolutely true! Getting trained in customer service and being good at it improves your selling, marketing, relationship, communication and leadership skills.


Going back to your question about things we don’t really want to be doing, the best approach is to find some joy in it, some benefit, some thing that the activity is bringing you. While you do the tasks, focus on that sense of gratefulness and enjoyment. We have to love ourselves even more for being willing and able to do things we don’t love doing. We always receive great benefit from whatever work we do well. Always! So if you find yourself doing something you dislike and you choose to put your heart into it, I assure you many good things will come to you as a result.


Sometimes, doing these tasks that we dislike helps us clarify the dissonance between the life and work we imagine and our present circumstance. Even without our consciously trying, deeper aspects of us are noticing and then going to work creating something better for us. How we attract the “something better” is by staying happy, open, grateful … and doing the work that’s in front of us with joy.


Hm. One more thought: Sometimes one small thing happens and you know you are just done with it! You know it’s time to move on.  If you choose to not act rashly or angrily but wait until you reach a place of clarity and centeredness, you will always be able to see the next step. Lesson learned, everything shifts and your situation transforms!


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