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Generally when we have an image of our success we think about money, paying bills easily, prestige, travel, maybe acquiring something we’ve wanted a long time. But in reality when we think about success and about these things we are after a feeling. That feeling is what we’re really going for.

What’s the feeling you want to have when you say you want to be successful?

Is it control? Is it freedom? Is it abundance? Is it safety? Is it invincibility? Is it relaxation? Is it joy?

Here’s an easy first exercise to start getting you closer to achieving your vision for your life; your dream:

  • Identify how it will feel when you are truly successful.
  • Find other ways of getting to feel that way in your life today, right now.
  • Build on the feeling as you work towards your dream and you will see it manifest in your life much sooner, much easier.


  • I want to be a successful Customer Service Manager.
  • Why? I will feel I am capable and competent.
  • Why? I will feel that I am helping people to grow, giving them the training they need; helping them have a positive influence on their customers.
  • Why? I will be helping people and that will feel amazing. That’s what drives me!
  • Let me find ways in which I can help people right now and build on that feeling.

Think about it. It’s never truly about the money; the house, the car, the travel. It’s always about a feeling.

What do you think?

What’s the feeling you are going for when you think about your success?