Being all things to all people … except perhaps your true Self to you. It’s part of every woman’s dilemma, and even more so now with so many choices, such an accelerated pace of life, so many expectations and opportunities.

We hear our calling, the call of our purpose. We are mothers, lovers, partners, daughters, sisters, caretakers. Can we have it all? What comes first?

Seth Godin, a great marketing mind, recently wrote about artists  having to sacrifice the art they love to create … in order to make money doing something else. Tradeoffs.

I see it all the time. When I do my training work in companies, or facilitate Customer Service workshops I often ask participants, “What’s your passion in life?” There is always someone whose passion is art. Always. Some of them are very good at it, but it isn’t the practical thing to pursue. They under-sell or give away their art and for now must focus on making money the practical way.

Is our society better off when we have to put our calling on hold to go attend to practicalities? Or is part of the healing and richness of our society, (and already part of the great plan for our life) that we are meant to use, focus, and develop that calling, that skill … for the upliftment of all?

These are personal choices with very personal considerations. But they impact the overall health of our world, the overall health of our communities. These are most definitely questions worth asking.

A great movie opens this weekend.

It’s entitled “Who Does She Think She Is?” Make every effort to see it.

Then, let’s start a dialogue. Please share your comments here.