Adrilia blog healing power of nature

Marshland experts in Louisiana say the grasses and the marshes will heal … that micro organisms and bacteria in the water can and will get to work breaking down the oil to restore balance and heal the area. So the wisdom of the plants, the living organisms and nature will eventually heal the marshes.

This news brings me back to a swim in the ocean in Manzanillo, Mexico. Something in the water stung me and I ran out of the water in extreme pain. At the edge of the water was a little old man. He said he would help me. He said, “You see, for every injury that happens in this water, the remedy grows right here,” and he proceeded to grab some grasses growing on a sandy hill. He took those grasses inside and mashed them, then told me to apply them to my leg. And … as my Plant Spirit Medicine teacher don Eliot likes to say: “Santo Remedio” — all healed.

I do believe nature will restore balance to Itself. I just hope the damage is not too huge and that those powerful and rich ecosystems can once again be whole. I was surprised to hear that those of us wanting to volunteer are being told to not travel to those areas. In the marshes, volunteers were in some cases doing more harm by treading untrained through these natural habitats in an attempt to clean oil off the grasses.  Plus, finding accommodations presents another problem for the communities. And finally, oil is highly toxic and harmful. If untrained, if not  a vet, if not used to handling toxic cleanup … we are being asked to stay home.

Still, the truth is we are failing in our stewardship of these blessed resources and beings who are responsible for our food, water, health. I know we can begin to change this on a massive scale. There are people making conscious choices every day to be less dependent on oil, more appreciative of everything we have, more interested in cultivating right relationship with the natural world around us.

At a time when it is easy to despair, we need to gather together and begin to make a difference on behalf of our planet and its many amazing beings. We are miracles. We can do this. 


How can we begin to change?