People who inspire us with their hearts, work and actions are the heroes of our time. It is they who remind us to think in terms of possibility; to go after our dreams. Lubosh is like that.

When Lubosh bought his home in North Portland, he transformed it in record time. He could see the hidden potential in the home. I visited his “work-in-progress” home and was amazed at how beautiful, open, charming, inviting it was. His comment at the time? “Well, it needs a garden.”

The garden came a little bit later and has now matured into a glorious place of community, deep nourishment and great beauty. He grows lots of food for himself and to share with others, and makes time to do it. To me, all this was a testament to his intuition and belief. You see? Lubosh is a designer, an artist, a musician … but he is also an alchemist. He watches, observes, appreciates. He tends carefully and then he asks, “Hm, what’s needed next?”.

I wonder what would happen if we learned to do this in our businesses, in our work teams, in our relationships. If we focused, stayed open, worked hard but always asked that question “What’s needed next?” and we listened. And if we then followed through. Miracles, transformation, amazing working relationships. That’s what would happen … and in an organic, gentle way.

In the case of Lubosh, what was needed next was chickens! Yes, in Portland. Yes, in an urban area. And so he set about researching, designing, building and creating yet another work of art. Click the link to explore this chicken coop unlike any other.

In the process he has shown us what is possible, he is taking a stance for organic healthy nutritious living in the city, all along following his intuition and doing what he feels is best. To me, he is a hero.