As stated on my previous post I believe we chose to be alive exactly at this time in the Earth’s development for the opportunity  to live in many dimensions at once; to observe, learn and transform; to accelerate our spiritual growth, our compassion and our readiness to help guide the Earth and its people.

Being alive in our planet right now in 2012 is not so easy


I’m sure you’ve noticed this. We feel everything accelerating around us.  I mean, 2012 is off to a very rapid start. We feel the pull of our daily routines, work and obligations, along with the thirst of our soul and the call in our hearts to find and get busy accomplishing our life purpose. And, whereas in the past we may have handled these issues alone, now the rules have changed.  Now, it seems the only way to be effective is by involving others, asking for help.  Real progress today takes a village, a community and real support.  

How do we support ourselves in the middle of these changes and as we transform?


  1. Realize that the rapid acceleration (spiritual and physical) of our lives is a reality. We are not imagining it – it is happening. 
  2. Be kind and gentle with yourself. We must be flexible with ourselves and be compassionate towards ourselves and others – we are all in the same boat.  As I always remind my Plant Spirit Medicine patients, we must rest when we feel tired. We must grieve when we feel the tears come – even if we don’t know why we are grieving .  We are all trying to sort it out. We must also support ourselves with exercise, plenty of water, time outdoors and with healthy, vibrant, locally-grown (if possible) foods.
  3. Listen to your inner guidance. There is a place within you, that place you access when you listen to an amazing piece of music, that place you touch when you meditate or pray. It holds guidance, secrets and support.  It is in us, but to access it we must ask and listen.
  4. Realize that he path through all of this lies in community, in asking for help, in getting the healing we need and require, not in doing it alone. We must get support, tend to our bodies, minds and spirits.  We must seek to integrate, clear and re-balance more often than ever.  It is now not a nice-to-have but a requirement.  Alternative healing practices can be a huge support. Plant Spirit Medicine healing can support not only your body and your mind but also your spirit as you integrate, learn and move forward with new purpose. Gathering with friends or around a fire does wonders. Community rituals can be a great support.
  5. Celebrate. Often, fear of the unknown causes us to tense up, to wear our armor. This is not what’s called for. We are on the verge of a new way of life. Allow yourself to celebrate that possibility. It is, after all, why we wanted to be alive precisely now in this day and age. The new way of life is one of community, inclusivity, compassion and people coming together to heal and support each other and the Earth. It is such a great privilege to be alive, to have a body, to be able to think, dream, act, make a difference, right here, right now. If THAT isn’t cause for celebration and rejoicing, I do not know what is.