This natural world, this world of balance, exchange, wisdom and generosity which has such strong allure for us does have rules. One of them has to do with balance and exchange. In this natural world, no good deed goes unnoticed. We know this in our hearts and souls. It is why we some of us hesitate before killing an insect or animal or plant. It is why we are moved by their beauty. I’ve witnessed situations in which seemingly impossible things happen when animals or plants sacrifice themselves for humans.  Believe me, any and all kind deeds you undertake on behalf of another animal, plant, person, the water, the earth … is noticed by Spirit and in a sense “recorded.”

We are all familiar with how deer sacrifice themselves on our streets and roads. It almost seems to me to be part of a sacred agreement. Around my home several years ago an animal died a slow agonizing death. I felt hugely sad by its suffering.  When I journeyed to find out what was going on the animal spirit told me it was a sacrifice in exchange for my wellbeing and that it had been well worth it. I then recalled many instances where for years and years I had sent love and good wishes to that same kind of animal whenever I had seen or sensed its presence. There was an affinity between us.


Yes, animals do take on our illness and suffering

Dogs, cats and horses sacrifice themselves to take in conditions, situations, addictions and illnesses for their humans. We see therapy cats and dogs working in hospitals, rescue missions alleviating people’s suffering. In my Plant Spirit Medicine healing practice I witness the great generosity of the plant spirits working to save people’s lives all the time.  All of it is exchange, sacrifice and right relationship.Especially when you embark in a spiritual path or are living a spiritual life, it is essential to have in your heart gratitude and respect for all creatures.

Our exchange as Plant Spirit Medicine healers

It is no coincidence that in Plant Spirit Medicine when we ask a plant for its healing gifts we offer  tobacco. It is the offering of choice of many plants. I’ve also done journeys in which the preferred form of exchange is cornmeal. But the important thing is that there IS an exchange.  Animals and plants die all the time so that we can live. Sometimes we are oblivious to this fact. Horses and cattle and many other animals sacrifice themselves for the benefit and gain of humans so much so that we take it for granted. All the green plants we eat give their lives for us!

Gratitude and offerings honor our sacred relationships

We receive so very much every moment of our lives from the earth, the weather beings, the plants, the animals, all of our relations. It is not just nice but essential to give back. It doesn’t have to be tobacco or cornmeal. It can be a prayer of gratitude. It can be the light of a candle. It can be our respect.  It can be a piece of your hair, or yes, it can be tobacco.  It can also be a kind deed such as taking an ant or a spider or another insect outside your home rather than killing it. There are many ways of showing love, gratitude and respect to the world around us. And when we do so, it is absolutely noticed and recorded. Trust me, when you live in this way, if you are in a pinch, the Natural world can manifest whatever you need when you most need it.  An animal, plant, body of water, may well remember, mobilize to help, and who knows, maybe even save your life! I experience it every single time in my Plant Spirit Medicine healing treatments.