I can relate to the child I once was and see her in a different time and place. But it’s more than a memory – it’s as if all my life had undergone a huge transformation – a series of rebirths in this lifetime. I can also see who I was in my 20’s — my work, relationships, challenges then. The person I was then is definitely not the person I’m now. We generally think of karma and lifetimes as requiring dying and reincarnating, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the case anymore. I believe that, right now, we are living many lifetimes within this one. It happens as a life-leap.

How we life-leap, reinvent ourselves, transform

I’m sure you’ve had a sense of this in your life already. Some have called it “reinventing ourselves.” Sometimes a huge life-leap happens when we get fed up and decide we need a new start. Sometimes it happens through contact with a true, powerful teacher. At other times, health challenges and difficult experiences make us reach the depths of our soul and question life’s meaning. Often, life-leaps happen because of loss: loss of a relationship, loss of a way of thinking, loss of a loved one who passes away.

The Heart Connection and transformation

In a sense, life-leaps happen every time our hearts break. Our hearts are amazing. They do break, but then, as they mend they become larger, more compassionate, stronger. Every time we decide to open our heart yet again and keep going, something in us is re-born and we enter into a new way of being, a new perspective, we begin to live a new lifetime. Healing the heart means, in a sense, a new life.

A gift of this lifetime on Earth; a soul agreement

But now, this acceleration, these life-leaps are one of the gifts of our time on Earth. These quickenings allow us to process and absorb more rapidly all that is happening around us. We’re constantly dealing with new information, new developments, the bubbling up of new dreams, desires, wishes and the true purpose within ourselves. This is a gift of our time. A gift to help us assimilate and integrate knowledge and experience. And, believe it or not, we chose to be alive exactly at this time in the Earth’s development because of this opportunity: to be able to live in many dimensions at once; to observe, learn and transform; to accelerate our spiritual growth, our compassion and our readiness to help guide the Earth and our people.

We chose to be alive on Earth at this time so we could be stewards to a new way of life, more heart-centered, more compassionate, more respectful of the Earth, the Sky, the Weather Beings … all sentient beings. This is all part of our soul agreement.