It’s your free afternoon. You are going to the spa.

The receptionist calls you two hours ahead of your appointment and says they look forward to seeing you. She tells you to call as you are getting there if you have trouble finding them.  She asks what you would like to drink upon arrival and gives you options.  

A complimentary valet greets you by name and parks your car after telling you where Reception is.  The receptionist compliments you and thanks you for choosing the spa. She is friendly, relaxed, polite, authentic.  Someone brings your drink. Warm water with lemon. Perfect.  

You are given the name of your therapist and are asked if you want to relax a few minutes or if you are ready. You are asked if you tend to get cold (feet? hands?).


Your therapist comes in with a big smile. (S)he introduces self, thanks you for choosing the spa, leads you to the changing area. You change into a plush comfortable robe and begin to shed your cares away. All valuables are completely safe in your locker.

The bathroom is immaculately clean, beautifully decorated and wonderfully equipped with toiletries, scents, soft lights. You dab on your skin some of the complimentary oils for relaxation — your cares continue to melt away.

Your therapist shows you to the treatment room. The light is slightly dim, the scent of natural oils is in the air, and the treatment table is covered with soft, beautiful linens. A rolled warm dry towel is offered – it can go behind your neck. You are given warm cozy socks because you said your feet get cold. You are asked if you are totally comfortable. The therapist begins to talk to you about the specific treatment and asks what you would most love to get out of it.

Okay. That’s it for our mini-vacation.

I am sorry to say this is NOT how any of my spa experiences have ever gone, even though I have been a customer of some of the very best spa facilities throughout our country, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii. 

Providing extraordinary customer service training is not an option for a spa: it is an absolute necessity. And by necessity, since discerning spa patrons are seeking an exquisite experience, such training must include exquisite attention to detail, polished communication skills, sophistication, etiquette and excellent manners. To excel and delight as a spa, think about offering your employees training that has H-E-A-R-T. Training geared to creating Happy-Enthusiastic-Aware-Responsive staff who are Transforming the experience for your patrons time and time again.

There’s good training and then there’s great training. There are spas and then there are fabulous, nourishing, uplifting oases to help people recharge, heal and feel that who they are is being celebrated.  Leave a comment here:

Do you know of any? Is your spa one of them?


What does it take for you to feel you’ve had great service when you visit a spa?