What is it we are searching for when we visit a spa? Isn’t it some sort of “experience”? Relaxation, upliftment, solace, the big exhale! A qualitative something.  I love the spa experience and the possibilities for transformation such environments hold. But contrary to what one might expect, spas do not always offer extraordinary customer service.  I have to confess this occupies my thoughts every time I have a chance to visit a spa.  It surprises me that some of the most luxurious and beautiful spas in our country are lacking in customer service, attention to customer needs and catering to the customer’s experience.

Why is it so hard to provide great, wow, excellent, stellar spa customer service? In my experience, spa personnel are juggling such a variety of demands that they forget the most essential reason people visit spas is for a delicious, delightful, relaxing, pampering, exquisite experience. Often, attendants and technicians are stressed themselves, and in dire need of nourishment and relaxation. Often, they receive training on the treatments they offer, but not on life and people management. As long as we don’t take care of the needs of our staff, they in turn won’t be able to fully and exquisitely take care of gifting their spa patrons with unforgettable pampering experiences. We must ensure that our spa personnel have opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the facilities, get nourished themselves by spa treatments, have adequate well-rounded training, have support in juggling their life-work balance, and know and feel they are instrumental in facilitating transformation in their patrons.  

When we go to spas we are vulnerable, open, expecting to be wowed in some way … what an exquisite opportunity to delight customers … in a great environment, with wonderful services and programs … the only things needed are a smile, a welcome, and a true, honest desire to give the visitor the experience of a lifetime.

What has been your experience?