It had been a while since I had spoken to my friend. He feels called to embark on a new learning and discovery journey. Everything’s pointing him in that direction but it is a big step and he is cautiously concerned. In talking with him, it was obvious to me intuitively and also practically that this endeavor is likely to be amazing for him. I reminded him to ask for what he needs. To go out in nature, speak his intention to take on this path and ask aloud for the guidance, the help, the support and even the financial help he needs.

In my training work with companies, one of my first questions to them is: What’s the one thing you could get out of our work together that would knock the ball out of the park for everyone here? Generally I find that people are too conservative in asking for what they really want. Maybe we feel we can’t ask for too much because we think we may be setting ourselves up to be disappointed. I know the opposite is true. We must ask for what we want, need and dream of. How else do we voice to ourselves, our teams, our managers, and even our own Life what it is we are going for?

Customer Service teams deal with this all the time. Reps tell me that some customers come across as if nothing could ever possibly satisfy them. My advise to the reps? Make it a collaboration. Once the customers know they have your empathy and they understand you are on their side, you can ask them what they think and whether or not your intended course of action seems fair to them. Ask!

Asking is a powerful exercise in trust, confidence and manifesting. Ask for what you need and want. Ask it of yourself, ask of your significant others, ask of your employees, employers, friends and family. When we do so, we give a gift to the other person … the gift of our honesty, vulnerability and openness … an opportunity for them to surprise us, help us, really see us — really see what we are going for. It can be inspiring, freeing and hugely motivating.

Before we receive exactly what we want and need, we must dare to see it, dare to voice it, dare to ask for it.

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  • Do you find it difficult to ask for what you need or want? Or is it easy for you? 
  • Did you have to work at it? 
  • What helped you get there?