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I hear it everywhere: jobs are scarce, there’s no money, people are failing. Let me set the record straight: People are NOT failing — financial systems may be failing. We, the people, are strong.

Newscasts are filled with alarming stories, fear, stress. Yet a friend writes, “My business in Alaska is flourishing!” Another friend says, “This is the very best time for my work.” And this morning, spring is in the air, the cardinals are singing and I feel blessed and grateful: for my health, for friends, for family, for the sun and the wind and the water, for the coyotes running around the neighborhood and their reminder of community, survival, focus.

It’s all about point of view. People don’t fail until they start to believe what everyone else feeds them about how bad things are. So it’s a time of great challenge … and great opportunity.

Choose your point of view carefully. It will determine how much joy, growth and renewed vigor you gain as a result of these challenges. Point of view can determine outcome.


How to make the best of tough times?


  • Use the opportunity to discover new things about yourself: your likes and dislikes, your passion, what is essential to you.


  • In your business, choose to deliver great customer service with empathy and with heart. Now more than ever, it is noticed and remembered.


  • Realize the depth of your inner power and determination. Realize that no one can take who you truly are away from you.


  • As your heart opens through the uncertainty or fear or pain you may be feeling, offer that up to the bigger Life which is pulsating within your life and dare to ask the right questions, celebrate all that you have, give thanks


We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the heroes and sheroes of our lifetime.


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What are you doing to navigate them?